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This space was created for those who wonder can Marketplace and Ministry marry or coexist. We have created a safe space to embrace those who operate in the role of a Pastor or Ministry Leadership, but still trying to operate in the Marketplace. We also help those who come from the Marketplace thrive in the world of ministry.

The question is can both worlds coexist or even marry? The answer is yes. Jesus was ministry, but spent majority of His time operating in the marketplace. in this space we will build a community of Ministry and Marketplace Leaders to maximize and enhance their purpose and callings. Our goal is to develop Coaches and Consultants. Train you how to repackage what's in your hand, so that you can monitize it. In this community we will train you the art of selling not only you, but what's in you with confidence.

Now it's time to do what Genesis 1:26-28 Rule, Subdue, Dominate, Be Fruitful, and Multiply

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