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God has given us the privilege to receive from some of His most dynamicanointed Speakers/Teachers. He has assembled a conglomerate of MarketplaceLeaders, Entrepreneurs, and Pastors to give us kingdom systems to push us intoour New Season.

Friday Speakers

Pastors William and Donna Porter, Senior Pastors Household of Faith Ministries. Motto: We Teach The Word And Love The People.

Saturday Speakers

George Pitts, Entrepreneur, Financial Success Strategist, Author, and Business Coach self educated himself on improving credit and effectively managing money.

Felix Anderson, CEO of Wake Your Successful Up, Author, and Success Architect partners with leaders helping them level up their faith, language and strategies to reach personal and professional goals.

Crisha Bowen, Entrepreneur and Purpose Pusher is devoted to helping people Push Past Pain and Passionately Pursue Purpose..

David Gibson, CEO of Elevation is a Must LLC teaches others how to become independent, self-reliant and purpose-driven thinkers.

Tina Moore, “The Confidence Coach” and CEO of Tina Moore Global teaches women to get out of their heads and into the spaces they are destined to dominate.

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