We empower the underdog to get out the stands, off the bench, and off the sidelines. To get into the game to be who they are purposed to be.

About Game Time

While driving back to North Carolina from Alabama GameTime was given to me by God. The Holy Spirit spoke and said “It’s GameTime”. He said you spoke about what you are going to do long enough and now it’s time to do what I called you to do. You have Stretched, Enlarged, and now “It’s GameTime”. Everything you’ve been through was to prepare you for such a time as this.

The Holy Spirit gave me John 4:34-38. He showed me that it’s time for His children to get off the bench and out of the stands. Put your uniform on, and get into the game of your destiny. God has sent the right coaches to help you Activate, Conceive, Birth, and Push into Purpose.

Now, the National Anthem has been sung, the coin has been tossed, and the coaches have given their final pep talk. Trust me, after connecting with us and applying the game plan principles, you will have been equipped and prepared for GameTime.

1-1 Personal Coaching services

The purpose is to help you identify the game plan to be a better you in the game of life.

Speaker Request

Feel free to connect with me for any speaking request needs.

Leadership Coach Service

We help to coach and develop the leader within.


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Ron Pitts is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and Leadership Coach who desires to empower individuals to ENLARGE their view of themselves, so they will maximize everything that God has put into them to tap into their purpose. He is also a father of three wonderful children.

Ron is the Founder/Senior Pastor of Empowerment Ministries Church, and also the Founder/CEO of Ron Pitts Ministries. The title that Ron holds more dearly is that God calls him son.

He was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but currently resides in Raleigh, NC. Ron Pitts is a Certified Leadership Coach and Graduate of the Essential Leadership Academy.

Ron Pitts prides himself on motivating, encouraging, and coaching others to maximize their full potential in who God has called them to be.


GameTime Global Conference

God has given us the privilege to receive from some of His most dynamic anointed Speakers/Teachers. He has assembled a conglomerate of Marketplace Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Pastors to give us kingdom systems to push us into our New Season.

Friday Speakers

Pastors William and Donna Porter, Senior Pastors Household of Faith Ministries. Motto: WeTeach The Word And Love The People.

Saturday Speakers

George Pitts, Entrepreneur, Financial Success Strategist, Author, and Business Coach self educated himself on improving credit and effectively managing money.

Felix Anderson, CEO of Wake Your Successful Up, Author, and Success Architect partners with leaders helping them level up their faith, language and strategies to reach personal and professional goals.

Crisha Bowen, Entrepreneur and Purpose Pusher is devoted to helping people Push Past Pain and Passionately Pursue Purpose..

David Gibson, CEO of Elevation is a Must LLC teaches others how to become independent, self-reliant and purpose-driven thinkers.

Tina Moore, “The Confidence Coach” and CEO of Tina Moore Global teaches women to get out of their heads and into the spaces they are destined to dominate.

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